International Mermaid’s Stephanie Sims

9 Aug

So as I generously mentioned yesterday, the International Mermaid Pageant, run by Ms. Stephanie Sims, will be a main event at MerCon this Friday at the Silverton Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. I met Stephanie in June down at Weeki Wachee, where she lives and runs pageants at Weeki Wachee Springs as well as the massive pirate festival Gasparilla every year, and she is a vibrant and funny and she rushed into lunch breathless and apologizing for her terrible haircut and dye job, which was really very cute. She is kind of like a Real Housewife, if there were a Real Housewives of Weeki Wachee, which there obviously should be. Anyway, she will also be at Barnes and Noble Thursday evening to talk about the pageant, and will be with Kylee Troche, who is actually the reigning INTERNATIONAL MERMAID and will be present Friday to crown her successor. I should also mention that right after the pageant, at 4pm on Friday, will be our gorgoeus AUTHOR PANEL and BOOK SIGNING, featuring yours truly, Tera Lynn Childs, Matthea Harvey, Timothy Schaffert, and Tracy Deebs. Honestly, can you imagine anything better than a mermaid pageant and mermaid book signing in Las Vegas, followed by a big mermaid pool party with Hannah Fraser and MeduSirena and a zillion (or thereabouts) other mermaids? Even despite some of the issues that the World Mermaid Awards have been having, what with last-minute venue changes and so on, it should still be something to see.

Anyway, here is another pic of Kylee as one International Mermaid.

Admit that deep down, you feel that sash and that crown should be yours.

So Stephanie, what is the International Mermaid Pageant?
It’s the first and only “Mermaid-Themed” pageant event! This is the first one in Vegas. We will be doing these events all over the country for Mermaid enthusiasts, along with online-only events.

How will the contestants be judged?

This is a pageant, so contestants will be judged on personal style and stage presence…Audience appeal will also weigh heavily!

How can an aspiring mermaid pageant queen enter? What does she need?
We have all the information and sign-up forms on our web site, There are two divisions, one being regular “pageant” or dressy attire and one for “Mermaid” wear. We are also allowing boys and men, should they want to compete!

What makes a pageant-worthy mermaid anyway?
Someone who loves the camera! The main prize the pageant offers is exposure, exposure and more exposure! Mermaids in advertising and in modeling is such a hot thing right now…

Can you tell me about your pageants at Weeki Wachee Springs?
Yes – We’ve been doing the Weeki Wachee Pageant since 1998 and have crowned many great queens and kings of all ages. They get to attend the functions that happen at Weeki as royalty. It’s a cool title to have!

What about Gasparilla?
Gasparilla, which is Pirate themed, is a HUGE DEAL. This year, becuse of my re-discovered love of Mermaid things, I am sure Mermaids will be infused heavily!

Have you always been a fan of mermaids?
Yes, especially since the birth of my older daughter. For the first several years of her life, she would play the VHS tape of The Little Mermaid (Disney’s version) at least once daily. Ariel was a part of our everyday vocabulary!

What is the difference between a mermaid pageant and a regular human one?
Well, the look and feel of the event is much more laid back and fun. Mermaids are very laid back, spiritual beings, as you know! *And we try to capture that “vibe.” A traditional pageant is sometimes much more serious and competitive. The Mermaid pageants are all going to be happy, feels-good, gorgeous events!

Do you have any advice for aspiring mermaids and/or mermaid pageant queens?

Yes, just come to the event is Vegas or another one on out schedule! You won’t regret it!

7 Responses to “International Mermaid’s Stephanie Sims”

  1. Julie Komenda August 9, 2011 at 6:41 PM #

    Stephanie is the Queen of Pageants! You will have so much fun !

  2. Sheila Crowley August 12, 2011 at 10:51 AM #

    I’d love to send you one of my mermaid stickers!!! Mermaids must swim together! Please contact me and I will get a few in the mail to you.

    • LESLIE GOLDSMITH April 28, 2019 at 7:38 AM #

      Hi Sheila, My name is Leslie. I’ve had one of your mermaid sticker on my car for a few years until I was in a car accident and it was totaled. I was able to peel it off, but it wont stick. I went back to the store in Mashpee to try and get another but they didn’t have any. I haven’t found another that I love as much as yours. would you still have one available?

  3. Lauren February 9, 2015 at 12:42 PM #

    Stephanie may be the queen of pageants, but she is also the queen of rip offs. I paid for a pageant IN FULL, and she canceled it, 3 years ago, told me she didn’t have the funds, and I’m still waiting. I am not rich, and sure would like to be reimbursed…I DIDN”T CANCEL, SHE DID, so, have some integrity, and send me a check, will you? Shame on you.


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