Mermaid Bingo!

2 Oct

I have many many things I need to put on this blog and will soon but I am also working very hard on the (hopefully) final final draft my new book, which is about RAPUNZEL and SNOW WHITE and will be out next summer, and so for right now I shall just take a moment to alert you to the gorgeousness of MERMAID BINGO, at my-favorite-bar-I’ve-never-been-to, Dive Bar in Sacramento.

That is right. Wednesday nights. Mermaid Bingo.

Here is how head mermaid Rachel Smith describes it: “‘Making Waves’ is Bingo with a splashy twist! One of our lovely Dive Bar Mermaids runs the game with customers with a swimming mer playing in the tank and picking out the bingo balls. Our bingo balls are aquatastic, fish friendly and sure to make you a lucky winner. Winners will get moving quotes for a free move up to 6 hours and within state lines.”


One Response to “Mermaid Bingo!”

  1. Marisol Miramontes June 27, 2016 at 4:49 AM #

    When you read this do not stop or something bad will happen {sorry about this} this girl’s name is summer she is 15 years old blonde hair,many scars no noes or ears she is dead if you do not copy n post this or summer will appear on a dark and quiet night when ur not expecting byyour bed will kill you this is no joke if you post this on 5 more pages something good will happen

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