Bonus Post: Locketship Jewelry

8 Aug

So another glittering presence at the first annual MerCon and the World Mermaid Awards in Las Vegas later this week will be LOCKETSHIP JEWELRY, which one real-life-Ariel Traci Hines is the face of. They’ll be on hand at the Barnes and Noble Author Signing and Mermaid Ball this Thursday evening as well, to talk about their products and offer FREE GIVEAWAYS. For added incentive, right now Locketship is offering 25 percent off of their mermaid collection.

Check out these gorgeous photos (for the rest of Traci’s photo shoot, go here!):

Here is a bit more about Locketship:

Locketship is the whimsical jewelry line by colorful designer and vintage enthusiast, Maria Ewing. The label is known for its wide-range of handmade creations featuring original artwork and adorable photography. Locketship jewelry’s most unique aspect is its open-faced pendant, which encases photographs and artwork in a translucent epoxy resin. Lines have displayed a variety of images, from Persian cats and circus elephants to rainbow beads, bows, and glitter. Recently, Locketship garnered attention for its Giant Unicorn Necklace, an imaginative confection that has quickly become its signature piece. Locketship’s best-selling lines are the The Unicorn Princess Collection and The Kitty Collection.

All Locketship jewelry is hand-crafted by Maria in her Los Angeles home. An alumna of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, L.A., she graduated in 2004 in Product Development. Her creative talents include fashion design and her artistic pursuits include drawing and painting. She has gained notice for her outrageous outfits and vintage finds. Maria’s creativity drives Locketship through her uncanny eye for detail, designing and creating pieces that range from eye-catching and unconventional to playful and glittering. Locketship jewelry has always been about embracing the magic from life.

As for mermaids, Maria says:

“Mermaids are pure magic. When I think about them I think of the wonder of this world and the limitless of imagination. When I first heard about the World Mermaid Awards, I wanted to be apart of the convention to connect with all the mermaids fans out there! We will be releasing a new necklace design featuring brand new mermaid artwork by Miss Kika at the convention. I hope the Sea folk enjoy my take on mermaids, and Miss Kika’s adorable artwork!”

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