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Mermaid Paper Dolls by Rachel Smith, plus suspicious other mermaid happenings

25 Feb

So for a while I’ve been meaning to post these cool paper dolls made by head Dive Bar mermaid and illustrator Rachel Smith, based on my very own novel Mermaid. Check them out below. You can buy some of Rachel’s paper dolls and other mermaidia here. And speaking of Mermaid, I should let you know that the book’s film optioned was renewed a few months back, there’s a revised script by writer/director Shana Feste, and supposedly things look good for this actually coming to screen (though it is by no means guaranteed). Also, I’m not sure if I posted that Mermaid is now out in Spain. Isn’t it pretty? Tragically, no one is flying me to Spain, which is obviously very wrong on multiple levels.


In other news, I would like to point out that Jennifer Lawrence’s mermaid gown and fall-walking-up-to-the-stage last night at the Oscars makes me extremely suspicious about her ratio of mermaidliness to humanness generally….


And in other, other news, check out the Academy of American Poets’ poem of the day today, by mermaid poetess Matthea Harvey!

In other, other news, I should share this mermaidly post by Brenda Peterson on the Huffington Post last month. I was actually in Seattle last week and got to meet her and hang out at her studio on the Salish Sea. Obviously, that is a sea-faring sea-loving woman–look at those baby blues!


And so you may expect some more mermaidly Huffington Post articles soon, possibly involving Ms. Peterson and yours truly. Plus I might have to go hang out with some gray whales down in Mexico because of her.

And now those cool paper dolls. Time to break out the scissors!





More later!

Nick Cave and Mermaids

20 Feb

I’ve got a bunch of interviews and tidbits to post on here, but thought I would pause right now to share the amazing fact that Nick Cave, whom I’ve loved since I was a teenager and has probably been one of the biggest influences on my entire sensibility, ever, released a brand-new album on Monday called Push the Sky Away that features a song called MERMAIDS.


And it’s beautiful:

Honestly, I would try to interview him for this blog but even if I could manage that, which I probably couldn’t, I would probably pass out and die.

If you don’t know Nick Cave and his music, here are two of my favorite songs:

More mermaids tomorrow!

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