Bonus Post

28 Mar

First off, here are some gorgeous photos from the Under the Sea: Mermaids, Sirens, and Fishy Friends mermaid burlesque event discussed here, courtesy of Amber Gregory Photography. Aren’t they so lovely?

Second, yours truly is in the midst of a mini Midwest Mermaid tour, as one often is, and last week stopped for a night in Des Moines, where my cousin Joe and his wife Cindy presented me with the following MERMAID CAKE, which I felt it was my obligation to share.

And finally, I must announce the **WINNERS** of the St. Patty’s Day contest written about by the wily Ms. Jeanine Cummins last week. Because we have huge hot bleeding hearts (well I do, Jeanine Cummins is rather heartless) we have elected TWO of you to receive free signed books from the both of us. These winners are Ms. Mary Yetta Alexander and Ms. Maripat/Luna Doyle Oberg, who rhymed, and who doesn’t enjoy a good rhyme? Congratulations to these two LUCKY LUCKY ladies!

Oh AND: Jeanine and I will be reading together this Wednesday eve at Left Bank Books in Saint Louis, and this Thursday eve at St. Charles Library in St. Charles, Missouri….

Better start driving!

2 Responses to “Bonus Post”

  1. Julie Komenda March 28, 2011 at 3:35 PM #

    I’ll have what they’re having!

  2. Luna (Maripat/Luna Doyle Oberg) March 29, 2011 at 1:55 PM #

    OMG! (Oh MERMAID GODDESS!) It really WAS the best Monday ever! Finding out that you were amused by my rhyme and that I won copies of the books were the icing on the cake! So happy!!! xoxoxo Loved this mermaid post too!

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