Dottie Lux and Mermaid Burlesque

16 Mar

So this Saturday night, if you’re lucky enough to be in Berkeley, California (which is not a phrase yours truly would normally say), you can see you some mermaid burlesque, which might change your life. When I saw the poster at left on Ms. Dottie Lux‘s Facebook page, my heart cracked at my own great loss, but swelled for your gain. I’ve seen Dottie perform a couple times, and most memorably as part of a big burlesque gathering in New Orleans some years back, where she managed to be as hilarious as she was sexy and did something involving stuffing herself with various eats, as I recall, that had the whole audience in tears.

So this Saturday, March 19, go to Shattuck Down Low at 7:30pm in Berkeley and see Dottie, and many others, at their mermaidly best.

My illuminating Q and A with Dottie follows.

So I understand you are doing some piscatorial burlesque in the near future. What IS piscatorial burlesque?
We are celebrating a number of Pisces burlesque birthdays this month so we thought it would be a perfect time to gather all our fishy friends to put on a show! Piscatorial is just that…..fishy!

The event is called Under the Sea: Mermaids, Sirens, and Fishy Friends. What is the difference between the three?
You know, it’s The SF Bay Area you don’t want to assume anyone’s fish-identity, better to be inclusive. All are welcome.

Have you performed as a mermaid before?

I have, several times. I’ve been a fan and participant of the Mermaid Parade more years than I’ve been merforming merlesque. But the sea has always played a huge part in my life and my art is just a reflection of that.

I understand there will be sea creature models as well. What kind of sea creatures? Do you think they will secretly envy you and your fellow mermaids (that is, if you are a mermaid)?
Yes total mermaid here (and clownfish but that’s another story) and how could you not secretly (or not so secretly) be jealous of a mermaid? Our creature models are sea-loving and since La Mar is so angry right now, she needs our love more than ever. I don’t want to give away the surprise…promise to post photos!

Can you describe some of the acts, including your own, for those of us unfortunate enough to not be in San Francisco on March 19th?
We have tap dancing jellyfish, beach babes, a huge lobster, mermaids galore, sailors and that’s just to name a few. Oooooh and maybe a tour! I do hope to be able to say “coming to a sea near you” one day!

What is a mer-garita (which will be served at the event?
Why just the most delicious drink of all. Extra salty with a strong tequila shake down. I will smell it and be drunk. I’m sure you would do much better.

What do you think is the appeal of mermaids anyway – for you personally, and in general?
They are perfect pristine and powerful. The beauty of a mermaid has spoken to me since the first time I saw the ocean. I’m a Pisces and have a great connection to all things sea. When moving from Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, I promised myself I would live no more than 1 mile from the ocean and that I’d either move to Coney Island or Ocean Beach, SF, and I now look at the great Pacific every single morning!

Do you think there is a natural cross-over between mermaids and burlesque performers?
Burlesque performers and mermaids both are sexy, good-natured, fun, giving creatures… no wonder they’re friends.

And finally, do you have any advice for aspiring mermaids?
Be good to the Ocean. Do what you can to keep her clean and her creatures alive and well. Love the sea and she will love you back. Right now she needs our love most of all. Please check out all of the donation opportunities available for the Japanese Tsunami Relief.

2 Responses to “Dottie Lux and Mermaid Burlesque”

  1. Julie Komenda March 18, 2011 at 5:15 PM #

    Spill it, Sister– We want the total Mergarita recipe!


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