Patti Oriot and Mermaid Minerals

11 Jan

Patti and Mermaid Minerals

So mermaid makeup is obviously very important to mermaids trying to look their best, and what mermaid isn’t? Luckily, they not only have the glamorous Carmindy to give them tips, but a whole line of natural makeup and skincare products made just for them. Mermaid Minerals was started in 2010 by Patti Oriot, and features all kinds of appropriately waterproof and sun-protecting and glittering products. There is even a “face of Mermaid Minerals”—Weeki Wachee‘s Kylee Troche was the face of 2011—and right now Patti’s looking for the face of 2012 and aspiring mermaids everywhere are posting their photos on her Facebook page.

So obviously you should get your mermaid mug up there, after reading the following gorgeous Q and A.

So Patti, what are Mermaid Minerals?
Mermaid Minerals is my line of natural & organic make up & skin care. The line also includes products for hair, men & children. Many more products are set up for debut soon as well. The line just keeps growing!

Every item in my Mermaid Minerals Make Up & Skincare line has been tested and approved by a board of licensed estheticians, aromatherapists, and a team of cosmetic formulators & chemists.

Beauty is a characteristic, being in balance and harmony with nature. My product formulas are infused with natural earth made ingredients. Toxic chemicals were left out to bring you quality products to protect and preserve your skin.

When and why did you start it?
I was living in Maui and working my regular day job and went to the local health food store to get some beauty products. Living on an island you have limited resources and things tend to be very expensive. I had gotten used to that but aside from shipping I thought that many products were over priced and over packaged. I got the idea to start my own line. Besides wanting to offer a quality product that was affordable, I wanted to include my island influence to the products as well. Many of my products have rare Hawaiian red sea algae in them. The entire process for starting the business started about five years ago! I finally got it to market the summer of 2010.

What does makeup have to do with mermaids?
Everything! Ah ha! I was about five years old living in St Petersburg, Florida, and my mom took me to Webb City. This was a multi-story drug store and in the basement they had an arcade and are you ready for this? A entire MERMAID land! Yes, several mermaids sitting around perched on rocks that you peered at through big windows. I did not know at the time that my Mom had told them my name in advance! So when a Mermaid said, “Hello little mersister” I truly thought that I was a Mermaid! So ever since that day Mermaids have been a part of my life, I have collected them, drew them, read about them, seen them and lived with a Mermaid influence my entire life. So, naturally my business has a Mermaid association.

Mermaids have a unique make up & skin care need as well. First of all they need make up that stays on underwater! Secondly, they need good skin care products to compensate for all those hours in the water! Many of my products are waterproof without harmful chemicals.

Have you always loved mermaids?
I am a Mermaid!

How can an aspiring mermaid get that “mermaid look”?
There really isn’t a “mermaid look.” I encourage all mermaids to develop their own style. However there are some basic make up application tips that I can share! Applying an eye base will keep your shadow from slipping and creasing up. I have a magical product that is a clear liquid that turns any loose eye shadow into a waterproof eye lid or eye liner formula. It is called ILINE Plus and is only $9! Apply my waterproof LIP SEAL over your lipstick to keep it on while blowing mermaid kisses underwater! The eye brows frame your face so using my waterproof eye brow pencils will ensure a picture perfect frame for your eyes. Mermaids are photographed a lot and it helps to have a little extra makeup up on to show up in the photos, especially if they are underwater shots. Sparkle is a must for mermaids! Most mermaid tails glisten and shine and shimmer. Your face should mirror the same look. Never ever use craft glitters! They can permanently damage your eyes if the glitter particles get in your eyes! This is something to never risk. All of Mermaid Minerals eye and body glitters are safe cosmetic grade. I also have a fixative to apply the glitter with as well to keep it in place! It is a gel like formula. Goes on easy on the eye lids.

Do you have a face of Mermaid Minerals? Can you tell me about that?

Kylee Troche being gorgeously mermaidly

I wanted to feature a face that mermaids everywhere could relate to. Our first face of Mermaid Minerals is Kylee Troche of Weeki Wachee. We put up the call for entries on our FACEBOOK page and got entries from all over the world! It was great to see all the beautiful faces of Mermaids everywhere. Professional & non professional mermaids entered as well as those who just connect or feel like a mermaid. We even had some Mermen enter! We chose Kylee for her spirit and her sheer enthusiasm! What a joy to meet her at Mercon this past summer. We are currently looking for the face of 2012! So all you Mermaids out there, go post your photo on our FACEBOOK page. The winner will receive FREE Mermaid Mineral make up and skin care for an entire year!

Do you have any special mermaid products you want to talk about?
Wow, how to choose just a few? I know I mentioned several during the interview but a few fan favorites include the NO STING NO BURN Natural Mystic Eye Make Up remover. It just takes off make up so quick and easy and is safe for contact wearers. The non-oily formula feels like water and works like a wonder! The other staple is NALU our day and night moisturizer for all skin types and can be used for face and body! It is packed with 9 vitamins, rare Hawaiian sea algae and smells like a fresh ocean breeze. Of course our LIMU seaweed cleanser (does not smell like seaweed, instead it is infused with orange oil and has a slight citrus scent) is a mermaid favorite. It is so creamy it can double as a shaving cream for mermaids & mermen!

Do you have any other advice for aspiring mermaids?
Get connected in a mermaid community. One thing I learned when I started Mermaid Minerals is that the love of mermaids is universal. I have Facebook fans from Turkey, Uganda, France, Spain & Egypt! You don’t have to have a tail or live near the water to be a mermaid. I have a huge fan base in Las Vegas, Nevada! The desire to explore the connection to mermaids & everything mermaid transcends the ocean. The ocean connects us all anyway.

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