Auction for Mermaid Expert (and Magic of All Kinds Expert) Terri Windling

29 Nov

So you may remember the interview here with Terri Windling a few months back… Terri being a very beloved artist, editor, writer and expert in folklore and myth and fairytale, lover of mermaids and swan maidens and fairies and all other kind of magical creatures and magical things, and now she’s in need, and a number of artists have come together to do a fundraising auction. So from now until mid-December you can bid on all manner of gorgeous thing… LIKE for example you can get a signed book package from yours truly (plus I will throw in my first middle-grade novel, The Next Full Moon, which comes out in January), or you can become a character in a Holly Black novel, or name a character in a Catherynne M. Valente or Cory Doctorow novel, or get some signed original art from Charles Vess (whose mermaid interview you’ll see here shortly), or get a poem written for you by Jane Yolen, whom I interviewed here back in February, or get a handmade faerie doll from Wendy Froud…. and/or many, many other amazing things besides, from all kinds of gorgeous and fantastical artists.

Go look!

Or offer something wondrous to the auction yourself! As we all know, every auction could use more mermaid art and mermaidliness in general.


One Response to “Auction for Mermaid Expert (and Magic of All Kinds Expert) Terri Windling”

  1. katelyn nitti December 30, 2011 at 10:20 PM #

    Hi um I was wondering if you had any advice for anyone who wants to become a mermaid. Like maybe a spell or potion that could make me one. I have loved them for as long as I can remember and I keep trying out everything I find and it never works. Please get back to me as soon as possible.

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