Bonus Post: “Mermaids of New York” Screening this very night!

16 Jun

I know, it is so much mermaidliness in one day your head is spinning.

Well, listen: filmmakers Lady Aye and Mica Scalin, whom I met with and interviewed some weeks back though I have still not transcribed said interview for your reading pleasure due to mermaid camps and general laziness (though a photo was captured of our glamorous mermaidly manicures on the night in question), are having a screening of their film THIS VERY NIGHT in Brooklyn. This film is called “Mermaids of New York” and started out as a documentary about the Coney Island Mermaid Parade and then evolved into larger portraits of some of the fascinating ladies involved. LIKE the before-mentioned Bambi, and the fabulous Dame Darcy. You can read more about the project here.

Tickets for the screening are available here. It will be held at Union Docs, at 322 Union Avenue at Maujer, in Brooklyn, tonight at 8pm.

Mica and Lady Aye will be screening the film at MerCon as well.

And here are two more of their upcoming events in New York:

On July 7, at 6:30pm, Mica and Lady Aye will be holding a Happy Hour Fundraiser (a fundraiser to get them to MerCon) at R-Bar, New York, NY

And on July 21, at 8pm they will be hosting the awesome panel Sirens and Society: Post-Modern Mermaidia at Observatory, in Brooklyn, NY.

And here, finally, is a lovely promo video for the film:

Isn’t it beautiful?

Soon I will become unlazy enough to feature a riveting interview with these ladies on this very blog, so just you wait.


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