Debut of “The Sea, The Sea” by Berlin’s The LaLaVox Box

24 May

So as I lovingly mentioned on Friday, I have a gorgeous little mermaid ditty to share with youse and am doing so fashionably late because I am very glamorous.

So you have seen Ms. Lorelei Vanora. And here’s the rest of The LaLaVox Box, who are very good looking, which sometimes you have to be to hang out with mermaids in fashion-forward cities like Berlin, Germany:

And here is their sweet and sumptuous song, “The Sea, The Sea,” sung by one real-life mermaid, making its debut. Just be careful you keep your head about you and don’t start crashing any ships as you listen.

Admit that is a most mermaidly and awesome song. I have generously included links so that you might buy said song at Amazon and/or iTunes.

You are welcome. And next month: song number two, plus a sweet video for this one…

2 Responses to “Debut of “The Sea, The Sea” by Berlin’s The LaLaVox Box”


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