Lisa Clark and Sassy Mermaid Sorcery

14 Apr

So Lisa Clark is a very sassy, minxy fun-loving retro enchantress in England who writes many sparkling books and blogs including Pink World!, the Sassy Minx (where she interviewed yours truly a couple years back) and the Sassy Sorceress. Lisa is all about girl/goddess power and gorgeousness and explains her own sassy sorcery as “every-day, feel-good magic that will elevate your mood, change the way you see yourself, and help you to improve every aspect of your life including your health, relationships, finances, and peace of mind – it’s a mixture o’ magick, womanly arts, goddess goodness all tied up in a retro rockabilly bow… ” Lisa even teaches e-courses to help girls channel their inner goddesses and “create awesomeness on an epic scale.”

So who better to ask about the ultimate magical goddess figure, the mermaid, and share with us a bit of mermaid magic?

Our shimmering, pink-tinged Q and A follows.

I know you are all about girls being fun and sassy and fearless. How do – or can – mermaids fit into that?
Hell yeah, Mermaids rock! These beautiful magickal girls o’ wonder are the perfect-o example o’ sass, fun and fearlessness – in stories from every culture the mermaid is a powerful feminine presence, not a lovesick little girl. They’re fascinating and beautiful, they’re temptresses who are able to bewitch members o’ boykind with their charm and song and are able to calm storms at sea as well as sink ships and drag sailors to a watery grave. They’re kick-ass.

Are you ever inspired by mermaids yourself – in your writing or advice giving or general inspirationalness? =)
I am obsess-o about mermaids, that’s why I’m so excited about your book, Miss C! I heart the water, and fancy myself as a bit of a burlesque-y mermaid girl myself. I think the mermaid is an important feminine archetype – alluring and sensuous, independent and courageous, self-assured and heroic. They are as complex and various as human women, often helpful but sometimes harmful. Everyone who honours femininity as intelligent and spiritual, as well as sexual and beautiful, will find mermaids an inspirational role model.

How can a girl incorporate mermaidl-y allure into her look and life?
Everyone knows that mermaids are the divas o’ the deep. Their supernatural allure means they’re irresistible to human folk, you can use mermaid magick to to give your own beauty a boost…

Mirrors are associated with mermaids who were known for their gorgeous hair and were often painted brushing it. This simple beauty ritual will help you get in touch with your inner mermaid and shine.

You will need:
4 drops of essential lavender oil
Small bowl of fresh water
1 hand held mirror
1 comb

• Add the drops of lavender to the water and stir. Take the mirror in one hand and gaze into it. Smile and watch as it lights up your face. Notice how fabulous and you-nique you are.
• Now dip the comb into the water and begin to comb your hair. Say, ‘Mermaid diva deep inside, do not shelter, do not hide. Release your power, help me shine, from this moment on in time.’
• Keep combing until every strand is covered in scented water. Admire your reflection and recognise your inner beauty. It’s a good idea to keep the mirror separate from your every day beauty essentials. Wrap it in black silk, and whenever you need to feel good, take it out and do the ritual, or just take some time gazing into its depths – hey, good lookin’!

Can you tell me about your magical work with mermaids?
I use mermaid energy to connect with my own Inner Mermaid, my own source of the ‘wild feminine’. I work with some mermaid goddesses who can be invoked to assist me in love, sexuality, prosperity, inspiration and creativity, I work with lunar mermaid magic which engages the energy of the moon’s cycles to power-up my rituals for super-powerful results – I have a mermaid altar, I’ve made a mermaid necklace and weave the presence and magic of mermaids into the daily fabric of my life. I heart mermaids – can you tell?!

Who is Yemaya and how do you work with her?
Yemaya is a West African goddess, often depicted as a beautiful mermaid. She is associated with the moon, the ocean and female mysteries.

The cowrie shell is Yemaya’s symbol, and there is a Brazilian tradition that on December 31, you light candles on the beach at midnight for Yemaya. Votive boats made from flowers are cast into the sea. If she accepts your boat and carries it out to sea, it’s a good omen. It’s a bad omen if your offering is refused, and your boat is washed back upon the shore.

You can invoke Yemaya for blessings, compassion, wisdom, fertility, creation, riches, inspiration, motherhood, female power, natural wealth, love spells, wish magic, sea spells, fertility rituals, water magic, women’s issues, having children, sustaining life, washing away sorrow, revealing mysteries, acquiring ancient wisdom, protecting the home, learning not to give your power away, and comforting children in crisis. To ask Yemaya to grant me a wish or bestow a blessing, I write her a letter and cast it into the sea.

Any favorite mermaid stories/music/movies/art, etc.?

The Illustrated Mermaid, David Delamare

Well, I love a goddess-y mermaid – Venus was said to have risen from the sea on an open shell, and is often depicted holding an apple, presented to her by Paris, to signify her beauty above all others. The mirror and comb, which are common mermaid symbols, are also said to have originated from Venus. African mythology also has its own water and mermaid goddesses, Yemaya, who is my own personal favourite. Yemaya, meaning ‘Mother whose children are like fishes’, is known under many other names, and rules the waters of the world. Without her, nothing else can live.

I HEART Dame Darcy’s paper mermaid [read this blog’s interview with Dame Darcy here] and David Delamare, a UK fantasy artist, has painted the most beautiful tattooed mermaid, which frankly, is my kinda girl – I was given it for my birthday and it is my most favourite thing!

Do you have any other mermaidly thoughts you’d like to share?
I heart Mermaids. Fact.

3 Responses to “Lisa Clark and Sassy Mermaid Sorcery”

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